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Learn more about Superior Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ashland, OH
Project Location: Ashland, OH
Wet, moldy basement, would like to turn into usable space.
Project Location: Ashland, OH
Older house we are remodeling. We have installed new basement floor with drain system under floor. Works well, however, we have water still working its way inside from the cinder block on the sides of the walls at base. We need trenched, sealed and drained away from house and a possible external sump well. Also new drain system for the downspouts which will go to storm sewer which we have access to.
Project Location: Ashland, OH
Hello. We have a trench drain around the inside of about 2/3 of our basement. It was there when we moved here. We have about 27 feet left that we are considering having an interior drain put in. There is currently no sump pump, and the water from the trench drain goes into a floor drain. We are fine with that. I know that you need to come out and see the basement before giving an estimate, but would you be able to give a general idea non-binding estimate for 27 feet of an interior drain? we just have no idea what it would cost, whether it might be $500 or $5,000. Thank you.