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Superior Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Massillon. Learn more about Superior Basement Systems's recent work requests in Massillon and nearby areas!

Learn more about Superior Basement Systems' recent work requests in Massillon, OH
Vicinity of Lorraine Ave. in Massillon
We moved into our house at the beginning of the summer, and the drywall was almost finished. I am looking to use this space as a man cave/game room.
Vicinity of Jeffrey Ave Nw in Massillon
Water flows from sump pump to discharge pipe outside. At times, it will leak back in to house unable to drain away from home and basement leaks. Looking for solutions to correct sump pump piping from freezing and explore options for drainage.
Vicinity of Rotch Ave NE in Massillon
Water comes into my basement when it rains heavy and the snow melts. I removed over 80 gallons of water over the weekend.
Vicinity of Klingston St NW in Massillon
I am looking for a quote on waterproofing my basement.
Vicinity of Meadows Ave NW in Massillon
We are in the process of buying this house. It does not have a basement, only a crawl space. We are trying to create extra storage in the home, along with making sure the house is free from mold, moisture, mildew and insects. Please contact me to discuss our options in Massillon. The space is approximately 675 SqFt. Thank you!
Vicinity of Oak Ave SE in Massillon
Water coming in all sides of our basement
Vicinity of Pigeon Run Rd in Massillon
There is a leak approximately 4" up the wall on my basement foundation. since it has been warmer it has since thawed out and is now leaking water into my basement.
Vicinity of Taylor St SW in Massillon
Bowing in basement wall needs repaired.
Vicinity of Shady Stone Street NW in Massillon
We need to install an egress window in our basement so that we can use the space as a bedroom.
Vicinity of Bricker Rd NW in Massillon
We had your company work on our basement 10 years ago. Now we are having an issue that I am not sure whether you can address or not. During the last year or so, when we have strong downpours, the window well fills up. We have had the drain line scoped, and there is no blockage there. This is on the same side of the house that you had worked on previously. please let us know if this is something that you might be able to look at. Thank you.
Vicinity of Woodforest St NW in Massillon
I would like an estimate for a Basement finishing job.
Vicinity of Meadowwood in Massillon
Looking to buy a house. Want to get basement and foundation looked at by professional Thursday morning! Please contact me for pricing. Thanks,
Vicinity of Genoa Ave Sw in Massillon
Our basement is leaking in 2 different spots they were not as bad when we moved in but now they are worse
Vicinity of Jackson Ave Nw in Massillon
Quote a baseboard system in basement.
Vicinity of Webb SW in Massillon
When it rains water comes in through my basement walls.
Vicinity of Sheri Ave NE in Massillon
We have a small leak in the basement wall. Would like an estimate. Please call.
Vicinity of Eagle View Cir in Massillon
We would like to finish our basement. We would like to finish one room for additional bedroom, have tv room and bar area if possible. Rest would be unfinished storage area with water heater furnace and electrical panel. Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of Kendal Ave NE in Massillon
Light water in basement corners after heavy rain
Vicinity of Leecrest St. in Massillon
Interested in an estimate for water leaking into crawl space.